Less theory. More Practicum.

BaZi M3 is the ultimate destination in your transformational journey.  

So you've learnt all the theories, can call from memory every great formula and can at your finger tips recite the great classics. This is the one program that compresses 20 years of our case findings, results from readings and 'the simplets solutions' stemming from the most advanced and complicated formulas to your life. 

Led by Nancy Yeoh, this program is attended by students all over the world and is one of the most exciting events.

What You Will Learn

Get a thorough, yet easy-to-understand introduction that will allow you to master the core principles and theories of BaZi

Learn essential skills that are a pre-requisite towards applying and analyzing any BaZi Chart

Master the underlying theories and classical schools of thought of ancient BaZi masters that have made BaZi the potent science it is today 

Want to be part of the next exciting BaZi M3? 

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Nancy Yeoh started as an apprentice in year 2012 with Joey Yap Consulting Group before becoming a qualified BaZi consultant and instructor with Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in year 2013. 

She is a very dedicated and passionate individual with a wealth of knowledge in the studies of BaZi, Qi Men Dun Jia and Feng Shui. She has gone out to literally transform thousands of lives. 

In a short period with us, she has conducted a number of workshops such as BaZi for Soulmate, Face Reading for Health, Wealth & Happiness, BaZi for Wealth Enhancement, Maximize Your House Feng Shui and many more. She has also been engaged as a speaker for UEM Sunrise Group’s event in April 2014.