Saved By The Date

Get it right, from the very beginning. 

Start date of important events should not be disregarded. Be it for a new married life, a new business venture, or a move-in, we recommend an auspicious kick-off with the use of proper Date Selection derived from Feng Shui and Astrology. 

Such ancient Chinese Metaphysics philosophies have been translated into contemporary use by none other than the expert Dato’ Joey Yap and now used by many practitioners worldwide. Annual cyclical change of elements have profound influence on our actions and events in our lives. No matter the scale, it is best to be conducted with proper timing to future-proof your endeavors.

What you will learn

Amp up your life events through date selection

Get a thorough yet easy-to-understand introduction that will allow you to master the core principles of date selection 

Learn skills and gain insights to application and analysis for the art of date selection

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